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Our version is a ported version of the Pandora Mupen64plus, with a difference
of the GUI made by Javispedro, so other devs must update it first
before we update this one.
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Try out the Maemo port of gpSP, give feedback, help us develop it more!

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You're right, but even the Pandora version has some game specific fixes and 2 versions of the graphic plugin, the N900 version didn't have.
Javispedro did some port for the N950 for some times, there is a YT video, but even this version wasn't released for public.

I've bought again a N900 after 2 years, only for the emulators.
Source for Mupen64plus - Android Edition is out since some times, runing @ version 1.99.4. Core version 1.99.5 comes out in a few days.
Stradian from tries to port the new mupen version, but no news since weeks.

Good news is that Paul Lamb, the developer of the Android port gets a Pandora in a few days and he promised to rearranged the source to make porting easier.
It needs only a good Maemo developer to port it to N900.

Anyone out there ?

One good thing is, that the N900 version didn't have a bug for Zelda - Majoras Mask, the Android and the Pandora have.

A short teaser of the bug, I've made some days ago.

I realy like mupen64plus.

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thanks for the answer
i can't wait to see the next release
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This really deserves some new blood on it.

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Originally Posted by ivgalvez View Post
This really deserves some new blood on it.
And i would like to add, the GUI needs some serious MAKEOVER ...
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Note that I am yet to see any single change in any of the multiple forks out there that's actually worth to pull. That is, any feature which is not specific to a crash or some other misfeature on a obscure android hardware platform.

Therefore, if I were to start following another random fork instead of the Ari64+adventus, I would have to do a lot of work for very little if any benefit. Actually, the net result might be _worse_. Point me to a specific, interesting change and I will consider including it, but be prepared to be deceived...

Also, I did not make the UI, that's standard mupen64plus 1.5 gtk+ one. Which needs to be disabled to run on the N950. That video was mostly done as a test of my SDL 1.2 for Harmattan -- which is now released with the device firmware, so all you need to do to run mupen64plus is to build my packages on harm scratchbox, disabling the UI.

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Help me pls. After starting emulation, too many error popups appears. Something about plugin. After that i can remove battery only, N900 is unresponsible.
I think this is problem with gles2n64 0.0.5 plugin.
I can't config/test/about in plugins tab, nothing happens.
I can start emulation with "no video" plugin, some error appears but i hear sound of game.

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openpandora has version 2.0

n900 hasn't updated in forever
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Originally Posted by lonk View Post
openpandora has version 2.0

n900 hasn't updated in forever
Development for the Open Pandora is actually getting momentum while N900 is slowly dying. I am actually thinking that the Pandora would be a good replacement for the N900 as a pocketable Linux computer.

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Originally Posted by IzzehO View Post
Now download the following file from the phone and save to your main directory:
Custom Config
Hello, can you please upload custom config, the link is dead :/

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