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Is your N9 in open mode?

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can you explain two lines?
while [[ `cat /syspart/system/background/memory.limit_in_bytes` != 10485760 ]]
	echo 10M > /syspart/system/background/memory.limit_in_bytes
	sleep 5
while [[ `cat /syspart/system/desktop/memory.limit_in_bytes` != 104857600 ]]
        echo 100M > /syspart/system/desktop/memory.limit_in_bytes
	sleep 5
i just want to make my phone more powersave.

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N950 seems visably slower. wHen it catches up its blazing fast, but when it lags, it really lags.

my xterm output

sh /opt/FasterN9/scripts/
root: 627MB
system: 627MB
desktop: 165MB
background: 34MB
applications: 377MB
standby: 300MB
root -system: 0MB
system -desktop -background -applications: 50MB
applications -standby: 0MB
total: 627MB
total device memory: 985MB

root: 569MB
system: 498MB
desktop: 99MB/100MB
background: 9MB/10MB
applications: 256MB/600MB
standby: 226MB/500MB
subtotal: 365MB/710MB

root -system: 71MB
system -desktop -background -applications: 133MB
applications -standby: 30MB

total: 569MB/985MB
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this is mine, is this okay?

/home/user # sh /opt/FasterN9/scripts/ 770MBsystem: 770MBdesktop: 198MBbackground: 21MBapplications: 523MBstandby: 397MB-root -system: 0MBsystem -desktop -background -applications: 27MBapplications -standby: 0MBtotal: 770MBtotal device memory: 985MB--Usageroot: 775MBsystem: 698MB-desktop: 96MB/100MBbackground: 9MB/10MBapplications: 449MB/600MBstandby: 356MB/500MBsubtotal: 556MB/710MBroot -system: 76MBsystem -desktop -background -applications: 141MBapplications -standby: 93MBtotal: 775MB/985MB
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#This will limit memory used by background processes to 10MB.
#The default value is arround 70MB.
#In my phone only 3 processes are in this group:
#msyncd, obexd and the infamous smartsearch
while [[ `cat /syspart/system/background/memory.limit_in_bytes` != 10485760 ]]
echo 10M > /syspart/system/background/memory.limit_in_bytes
sleep 5
I'm no kind of an expert, just wondering... this quoted code - it limits the memory for background processes, thus killing some of them in case there's a need for more than 10MB by their side, thus phone lags due to restarting the (previously closed) processes when they are needed again... so maybe fine tuning this setting will lead to some kind of compromised solution that would give us a faster phone AND better battery life, without occasional lags due to 10MB background memory limit... anyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong...

EDIT: you mention 3 processes that belong to "background processes" - is there a list of all the possible bg processes, so that we could be aware (re)starting of which eventual process/app could eventually lead to, now just occasional, but bigger lag... ?
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well, 0.0.2 installed... Clock took ages to be started, Gallery started in a sec, Firewall Pro+ also slow, Messages so-so, swiping faster... going to test it for few more days... stats on the attached image, version of my N9 in the sig... [no OC, no Dropcache]
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Originally Posted by isfr21 View Post
Been testing it for a day now. No OC or DropCache. Just PR1.2 that's all.
I'll keep you posted.
Day 2:

Like other users here mentioned, the results appear to be inconsistent. When the phone is in the mood to be fast- it's fast and responsive with maybe a 20% improvement during that speed phase. What I really liked was its positive effect on this bug:

Now the audio stutters much less frequently as opposed to an unpatched device where it would be a constant occurrence as I use it to play music whenever I'm in my car. My guess is that audio streaming/A2DP is causing a high swap rate.

However, other times it's slow to respond to swipes or to unlocking using Double Tap and text messaging can be a pain when it's slow. But maybe that's just the CPU side of things and not related to the patch-I wouldn't know.

Will continue to use it though and will post if anything changes.

Thanks for your efforts "traysh" really appreciate users like you who take the time to make the N9 a better device!

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Great script, makes my N9 far more responsive and no more lag. I run @ 1200MHz.
Most notable is the startup time of angry birds ! But also going through the pics in my foto gallery, swiping through to the next screen etc. etc.

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Ive had it on my phone for a couple days maybe a week and emumaster is crashing a lot more. Scrolling on notifications and qneptunia is really choppy. unlocking has been a bit of a hit and miss more so than usual. Really bad when trying to raise it up a bit for the quick links.

I have a 64gb on 1.2 with only 5gbs open but the memory size was like that before i installed it as well
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So far, it's been causing random mockups in music and videos.
Phone is generally fast, but as reported by other users, it lags when it lags and speeds up when it's in the mood.

Also, I can't seem to remove it via the icon or applications...
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Originally Posted by Makeclick View Post
Can you send it to the ovi store?
I think that a simple UI wrapper would be needed before putting it to the Store. Perhaps the UI wrapper could activate it / deactivate it.

I just installed it and I see any issues, I'll post here.

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