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Originally Posted by eerde View Post
The apps were working (multitasking) in real-time (icons). What I do not like is that the N9 (like the iPhony) stop apps when not in use. ! Or not ?
That depends, there are applications that still running after minimize.
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I don't know what he's talking about, I have 32 applications open right now, and I still have 13800KB of free Memory.

If you want a list of the applications;

Terminal (running top)
Nokia Public Transport
Stop timer
Magnify (which by the way IS real time on the task screen
MeeWhip Lite
Puzzle Master
Sports Tracker
Quick Voice Input
Recorder Pro
Opera Mobile
Builtin Youtube browser
Web Browser
and lastly Music...

It does tend to get a bit on the slow side at that point, and no I'm not overclocking. That's some serious multitasking right there!


Edit: Oh, forgot to add, the responsiveness was better than Windows XP running on a system with 128MB of RAM. I do know this from experience, long story short, a friend's motherboard died, swapped motherboard, but it had different ram, and I only had a 128mb stick that would fit (she had 256mb before) and the difference between XP and Ubuntu launching OpenOffice was 10 minutes vs 5 minutes (no exaggeration either!).

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What's the point? Battery stress-testing? Just curious.
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i was hoping this thread was about soldering more ram chips to the board. oh well...

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Originally Posted by Mize View Post
Only 30?

Hahahaha thats some serious multi-tasking!!!
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Originally Posted by Creamy Goodness View Post
i was hoping this thread was about soldering more ram chips to the board. oh well...
That's a good idea, but it sounds like an N9/Harmattan version of something like the n900's Swappolube app could be what we're targeting here. Chasetheangel, I would also recommend looking at the new-ish app, FasterN9, which may be a helpful step towards what you're seeking re memory utilization/optimization.

Devices will have twice the N9's current RAM in no time, so maybe we could futureproof by offloading some of the N9's traditional memory tasks to Dropbox and converting more resources to something more RAM-like.

This way, chasetheangel could have 60 programs operating at once with only a single N9 and buy beer with the saved money.

If this helps, the 'thanks' button is that way --->

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Originally Posted by Creamy Goodness View Post
i was hoping this thread was about soldering more ram chips to the board. oh well...
Hi Creamy Goodness, thanks for the sweet OC App, love it.

To what you mentioned above. Is there anyway to do something like that......virtually of-course

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