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Originally Posted by stuartlangridge View Post
First attempt at an Ubuntu One app for N9:

Comments invited.
Looks really good so far. Thank you for the efforts.
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Looks awesome! keep up the great work!
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Just tried it. I especially like that it's also keeping the folder structure.
Only having some problems with download speed.. It's a bit slow and sometimes interrupting

But thanks for this great App. Looking also forward to the things on the todo list
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It works! Thanks.
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I think there are also some problems with files with special characters like +& etc. Might have a look at it some time
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this app was not posted on tmo so i thought to post it
it might be useful to cloud lovers

based on ubuntu one cloud service
it also has folder download feature
download here

more details with video here

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look again :P
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Thread "Ubuntu One for the Nokia N9" merged
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