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If Opera were just a bit better adapted to the N900 environment (with the bookmarks system, in particular) I think it would beat Microb.
All I want is 40 acres, a mule, and Xterm.
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I remember this message "Open source Maemo 5 browserd"
But nobody works to port a more recent Gecko version :-(
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Originally Posted by romaxa View Post
From other side, I'm made recently new IPC embedding based on mozilla-central source code. which is actually very nice alternative to MicroB IPC stack and Webkit2 IPC stack.
This IPC embedding is basically mix of Fennec(Chromium IPC approach) but without XUL/XPCOM/Gecko on UI side, and easily embeddable into any toolkit, Qt or GTK.
On N9 I have 60FPS scrolling + ~30% CPU free for simple scrolling zooming operations with Simple QML UI.
I guess if it is compiled on Maemo5 it should be not much slower.
Also Flash works/WebGL/CSS3/3D/ et.c - here is a bit more info.

Probably someday I'll find time and make build for Maemo5.
Hi, any news about builds for Maemo5?
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With regards to the maps plugin, I imagine there are quite a few ways to get around this. The simplest, as long as closed source packages don't interfere, being to install both versions in parallel with a modified launcher for Maps to force it to use the old one.

I'm liking the sound of the performance of the alternate IPC stack. Will this disable support for extensions such as AdBlock as there is no XUL/XPCOM support?
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ok this is not a reply but can anyone please help?? Many sites including Amazon and yahoo webmail say I need an updated/new browser. IS THERE ANY AVAILABLE FOR THE N900?

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