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Hello All,
Sorry if this has been asked before but what is the process to transfer contacts from the N900 to the N9?

I tried 'Import Contacts' via Bluetooth on the N9 but the N900 won't show up as a 'Paired device' to allow the transfer of the contacts? Note: The N900 is paired with my N9.

Many Thanks in Advance!
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Bluetooth transfer works for sure - did it myself. Check if you N900 BT is in visible mode.
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Unfortunately my N900 its not showing up as a paired device via the N9 'Import Contact' screen. My wife Android phone shows up and allows me to
transfer contacts from her phone.
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Why not sync them to Your Nokia Account (OVI) and then set up the same account on your N9?
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I generate a QR Code from a single contact on the N900 and take a picture with MeeScan on the N9 where I can add it as new contact to the N9's address book. Works perfectly, no need for bluetooth.
Cheers, M.

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QR codes. Interesting.
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Bluetooth syncing between 2 N900s doesn't work for me either.

On the 1st device, the 2nd one shows up in the 'select a device list', but transfer of any kind fails using the built-in sync thing.

On the 2nd device, the 1st one doesn't even show up in the list. Of course both are paired properly.

No idea what's wrong there. I ended up exporting contacts using

osso-addressbook-backup -e all.vcs
and importing that file on the other phone using

osso-addressbook-backup -i all.vcs

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