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I've been reading up on this for days and can't find a clear answer anywhere. What I'm hoping for is something like the Nitdroid install: it's 100% on the sd card, boots from that sd card when it's in the phone, and reverts back to pristine Maemo when the sd card is taken out.

I plan on following the instructions here:

At the end it says "flash the kernel." There's also this: "With the flasher, the kernel is loaded to the device, which means that the original Maemo kernel is returned when the device is powered off."

So does the Maemo OS stay untouched or not? "Flash the kernel" sounds like not. But then they say "original Maemo kernel is returned." And does that mean if you want to continue booting to Meego, you have to flash the kernel after every shutdown? (Surely not!)

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yes untouched and yes. (In N900 case)

In N9 and N950 ram booting to nitroid triggers openmode.

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Recommend to use Nemo instead. It uses uboot, no flashing of kernels every time. You can boot to Maemo or SD card, nice and easy

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Thanks for the replies! That's exactly what I needed to know.

I only heard of Nemo in the last few days, while trying to find the answer to my original question. I see on the link that it's simple to do a vm. I'm definitely trying that.
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Nitdroid can also boot from SD card via u-boot now.

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