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well im not an English expert but truley should be truly
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Left mine for the world of android a ways back, year or so ago. Defect in my G2 brought the old n900 out of retirement. Its certainly built better and is fun to fiddle with ... but for the same tasks as he droids it take much more effort to get it done. Tetherings been a whole ordeal with it and my 7.0 tab plus. The droid heck even he hd7 [updated rom] both tethered in seconds, n900 took hours of editing and fiddling to do the same basic task. I love the old girl but damn shes needs a lotof attention to get work done.

Presently tehered via bluetooth [pan] to the tab as we speak. I have and will keep the n900 in near prestine condition if anything as a collectors item.
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Originally Posted by bandora View Post
I'm a married man, and I can't go out and cheat on my phone with others.. Especially when my current phone is technologically advanced...
yes your right!!
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my n900 is died,
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Mine actually fell display-first on cement stairs only days after i purchased it. It got away with a few barely visible scratches at the edges - I hope after that kinda rough start it won't die for many years still.
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I kept mine till it drowned.

It's now a zombie. It semi-works but without the network/gps chip, it doesn't power on normally and it turns quite hot. Charging is tweaky. Which means I can use it for calling, if I ignore the risk with overheating and am satisfied with having to remove the battery a couple of times before getting it turned on.

Without network access, it's pretty much lost it point in existing.
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my N900 died in the water near phuket.. and.. i still have it ! it doesnt work anymore and they want 750 USD to recover my data from it but i think about it.
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Originally Posted by tebsu View Post
my N900 died in the water near phuket.. and.. i still have it ! it doesnt work anymore and they want 750 USD to recover my data from it but i think about it.
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I have 2 n900 and One just for backup, lol

I am a linux sysadmin and HWKB is a must have.

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I are offering a new N900. A new device is in sight, for release in market, better than N900? wait ? or
Justify buying a second N900, of backup?

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