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I've noticed my wifi is weak compared with n900 . Sometimes in places where the n900 can detect 5 wifi stations , tje n9 sees only one or two . I was thinking at some antenna improvement or software boost . I would make even a hardware improvementand with ftlmtx same if it would be possible.
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May be there's a restriction ?
Like the iphone, i mean it doesn't show except the strong one..
May be i don't know
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I cant use my n9 on wc. Was no problem with my nexus one
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The reception was improved SLIGHTLY in P.R 1.2 so that it won't disconnect that much to Wi-Fi's that are even in close range. So a tweak may be needed.

But in reality, the N9's antenna for Wi-Fi is one of the worst I have ever seen on a phone. The iPhone 4S could detect 7+ N8 is 5 but the N9 only shows 1-2.
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Hi guys i have to agree with all of you...

But i was thinking...I,m using the rubber casing that came with the phone.
Maybe if i remove the case and free the simlot and know some fresh air hahaha...

I mean everybody is using the rubber case...and maybe the covering the antenne..i mean who knows...

I will try it out for a couple of days see what happens..Maybe you guys could to..And give some feedback on how it went.

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maybe we can extend antenna or replace with a better one .
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first use the search button in top right because it was discussed more than one time and it's because it's always in power saving mode for wifi
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You realize it uses zero power to scan wifi networks, power saving mode on the wifi is reducing the transmit power. Nothing to do with this.

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