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I wonder if I'll ever get to use it. Hopefully.
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Calling Tizen as formerly known as MeeGo is a bit of a stretch. The current release is in no way based on the old MeeGo codeline, neither or Harmattan. It's a Debian-deriative from Samsung Linux Platform.

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#1 - Its not based on rpm anymore. Not a big issue but rpm is perfectly tuned for mobile OS's (parallel install & download).
#2 - Its not based on Qt-framework. Big problem, no longer are Apps running semi-native (so they're less featured/slower) running on HTML-framework (basically a website os).
#3 - Complete UX overhaul. MeeGo which resembled a cross between SymbianBelle and Android2.3 (with theme/icon/font based on Nokia/Harmattan). It is now a cross between Bada and RIM. I know this is a disputable aspect.
#4 - Completely new project. Out with the old (developers) and in with the new(n00b) developers. Different structure for maintenance etc.
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I vote that Kangal replace Elop!
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I'm flattered

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And I just hope that I would never have to use it.

BTW, +1 for correcting thread title - if something can be called "formerly known as Meego", it's Mer (and using that comparison is also little useless).

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Why is that? I think we should give the platform a chance. After all its a standard Linux stack. Qt and whatwver can be ported on it easily. Unless it's locked down like limo. Then I'd agree.
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