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Hi everybody!
While people out there is waiting for wazapp ,I need Your help!
I've got a black N9, 64Gb, PR1.2. installed, no problem with it...but few weeks ago,while I was writing an sms, the phone started digit itself!!!! without any sense,right... now,most of the time, when I unlock the screen, it's like if someone else touch the screen,opening (randomly) apps...always "touching" the last 2 lines of apps starting from the bottom of the screen.... same thing if I put the phone in landscape mode.... still the bottom of the screen is interested....
Can somebody suggest me a solution?

ps: sorry for my English
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whipe your device clean with a cloth, or reflash the device if you have installed any tweak applications.
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Do you have a screen protector applied?
If not, you should make use of your warranty.
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Even after a cleaning,the problem persist..with or without a screen protector....
am-I oblige to flash the phone?or it would be enough just a reset by the phone himself?
and, if I flash the phone, do You know which command I have to use in stead to save a minimum of data ( maps,and other things)?

06/05/2012 UPDATE

I decided to erase all the application from a third part (only 2.)...result: nothing.
I erased ALL the apps. nothing;
So, I flashed the phone...ZEROIZE....
when I restarted the phone, it was for me IMPOSSIBLE to insert the PIN code, due to the fact that the N9 started to "write alone".
Now....the only option I've got is that this is a hardware problem.touch screen keyboard.
There is somebody out there able to help me? Do You never heard about a problem similar to mine?

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