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Originally Posted by Andre Klapper View Post
What is the output of "rpm -q | grep libpango"?
Greetings from planet Debian!
I suggest instead to try "apt-cache policy libpango1.0-0"

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Originally Posted by minimos View Post
Greetings from planet Debian!
I suggest instead to try "apt-cache policy libpango1.0-0"
Thanks for your mercy. I hope, Ididn't break anything with "rpm -q | grep libpango"...
BusyBox v1.20.0.git (MeeGo 3:1.20-0.1+0m7) built-in shell (ash)
Enter 'help' for a list of built-in commands.

~ # apt-cache policy libpango1.0-0


Installiert: 1.28.4-0maemo1+0m6

Kandidat: 1.28.4-0maemo1+0m6


1.28.4-0maemo1+0m6 0

500 .

*** 1.28.4-0maemo1+0m6 0

100 /var/lib/dpkg/status

1.28.1-1+maemo1+dbg+0m6 0

500 .

~ #
Seems like everything's fine?
I know this is very basic to you guys that are coding everyday. But to me this is completely new. I chose the N9 because of its OS and was aware that it might need some manual tweaks.
I want to learn using the terminal. But, believe it or not, I didn't even find a documentary of the codes...
So please... where can I look up what we are talking about?
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Still can't update or install devtools via WLAN.
When trying to install devtools in terminal (apt-get) I get timeouts.

New problem: can't open devtools-networking.
It shows up as being installed, but when I try to open it, it says:
"The following packages also will be installed when installing devtools-networking: tcpdump"
When hitting OK, it just fails to open or install anything. And that is with wifi AND cellular connection!
When trying "apt-get install tcpdump" and "apt-get install devtools-networking" it says already installed.
What's wrong here?
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i have the same problem
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Same problem
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I had a similar problem, switched "Operator Internet" to always ask, (rebooted) and don't have this problem anymore
I think there should be another word for mondegreen
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Originally Posted by rainisto View Post
usually this is badly configured wifi AP which doesnt offer dns server for the phone, so host resolver fails. Or wifi nat behind other wifi nat (also causes problems).
I agree with this. I was looking solution to this problem too, and you are right: apt-get update was indicating name server problems.

I had AutoDNS option enabled in my router, just for convenience and being lazy to change DNS addresses router offers to devices any time I need to switch network/move/etc. After reading this I tried to force router to assign static DNS names to DHCP clients by disabling AutoDNS feature and defining my DNS addresses. After DHCP update in N9 everything worked correctly.

Router documentation suggests use of static DNS addresses, as otherwise it assigns its own IP as DNS to DHCP clients. I have hypothesis that maybe adding NAT rule to DNS port in router, it might forward DNS queries to DNS addresses it has been assigned for. This resolution could have redundancy issues, as router will probably forward DNS queries to first address in its DNS list. If I have enough time I will try this resolution.

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I had similar issues some time ago with NSU. It actually told me I have to create a rule to allow the accessing of the Nokia servers. I don't remember all the details now, tell me if you think this helps and I'll give you more info when I'm back home.

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OK, the port I opened in the router is 62716. Don't know if that helps you. It was assigned for the PC local IP.
Anyway, I updated via WiFi and I didn't have to open any ports for the N9, so probably this is not helping you.
However, I noticed the phone will sometimes give an error via WiFi, but it is less likely to give the same via GPRS.

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I had the same problem with my N900 and N9 since my operator and router changed. I'm a total noob on networking and didn't know what I was doing but changing nameserver to on /etc/resolv.conf solved the issue.

Not saying this is the right way to to fix it.

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