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I have a very strange problem with the keypress event.
When the keys A and X are pressed and you press the up arrow (while keeping A and X pressed) a key press event with code 33 ("p") is fired.

You can also see this just in a terminal:
-Open a terminal
-Press and keep pressed A and X
-Press the up arrow
-A "p" appears (if you don't see it press the down arrow to go back to the command you were editing).

Is this a system bug? Why that "p"?

EDIT: There are also other key combination that produces strange things.
You can test the A-X-Up arrow problem also in any textbox (like the contact search).

Other strange combination:
-a+x+return = ","
-a+x+. = "o."

Also s+c produces the same output as the previous.
What's wrong with keys a+x and s+c???

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