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I love the mappero application. However, the other day I tried to use google sattelite images, but I could only get zoom level 9 or so, anything below it (where it would actually get useful) just did not get downloaded. Strangely enough, work in MicroB without problems. Has anybody experienced it? Is there a solution?
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its a misconfiguration in the tiles , somehow i fixed it , but the settings has been gone after reflash and could not fix it back , ill try and post here if it worked again
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I just encountered the same problem and found a solution. It is like teamer wrote - it's a misconfiguration in the tiles settings. The Google Satellite tile source currently uses the following URL scheme for retrieval:, where the v parameter most probably indicates the version of the tile set. It seems that the version 51 became unavailable (HTTP 404 on retrieval access). The Google Maps service currently uses the version 109 and it seems to be the most recent available version.

To workaround this problem simply change the URL to:

Remember not to click Repositories -> Sync afterwards, because that will revert the URL to the obsolete one.

A proper solution is to update the repository. Then, fixing it on the phone would need only clicking Repositories -> Sync.
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Alberto Mardegan has comitted the change to the git repository. Thank you, Alberto! Now to fix this problem one just needs to click Repositories -> Sync.

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