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Originally Posted by quipper8 View Post
can tmobile give you a micro and a regular activated on same number

i don't mind paying. Sim adapter is a pain in n8
I use a Cairon Micro Sim adapter and have no issues at all swapping back and forth between my N8 and N9. I plan to use it when I get my mits on a 808.
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When I got my N9 I just walked into my local Tmo store. Asked if they still provided micro sims to people for use with iPhone and they handed me one.

A couple of days later when I got the phone I had to call and activate it. Inserted it and it works with no problems.
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Damn Amazon!
They haven't shipped my phone yet. If was fulfilled by Amazon so I thought I was safe. NOT. I called Amazon and they told me that even though the item said IN STOCK, they didn't have any more and were waiting on some more to get shipped to them.

So I cancelled my order with them, and ordered from Hassle Free Cell (via Amazon). I called Hassle Free Cell and they said if I ordered today before 3PM, it would ship today. So I ordered from them about 15 mins ago. Delivery estimate is May 10th-14th.

Least I don't have to worry about my phone getting here before my sim cutter lol.
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Just checked. My order shipped TODAY! Yahoooooooo! Estimated Delivery is May 10th-14th but I am gambling it'll be here Tuesday or Wednesday (The 8th or the 9th)

Or maybe Monday :-) We'll see

*Anxiously awaiting*
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Originally Posted by Mize View Post
I bought my 64 GB N9 and sliced down my existing SIM with no problems and then even sliced the center out of an older SIM to make a SIM adapter so I could still use the shaved SIM in my non-micro SIM phones. Granted, I'm pretty handy with a razor knife...anyway, no issues in any phones and I didn't have to talk to the sales droids at the phone store.
Lol did the exact same thing, cutting a hole in an old sim to match s microsim, when going from an iphone 4S to the N9 cuz I had to use my N900 in between the 2 phones.

Worked with no issues and yes you have to be a bit handy

Regards Dousan...
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So, I got weak yesterday and ordered the 64GB N9 from Amazon. I fear this will be the last Nokia in my collection, after having been a Nokia customer for many many years.

I had fun with the N800, my N900 has been a trusted companion (until I tried to replace the scratched screen and now the digitizer is not working any more). I also had a few Symbian phones and cheap Nokia feature phones. There is no WP in my future, so the N9 needs to last a long time until a good alternative becomes available (Tizen?, Ubuntu Phone?. ???).

The major reason why I did not buy the N9 earlier was that I do not want to support the current Nokia with its CEO Flop and the Board of ***** Directors. But hey, I need a functional phone, and I could not resist Maemo's roots and an overall great design.
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My initial reaction to my N9 is disappointment. I won't be throwing my N900 away, at any rate -- with the recent addition of MaeMeeMo, it is irreplaceable.
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