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I am a US user of the N9 and not getting any help from Nokia. I recently dropped my N9 and cracked the LCD and sent it to Palco for repair. They repaired the LCD but now the phone isn't functioning properly.

Once the phone goes on standby mode, the clock displays for a second and then the screen goes completely blank. Double taps don't reactivate the phone and only the power button toggle brings it back to life or puts it in standby mode. The worst problem is that when a call comes in the phone rings however the screen does not display the call so I cannot swipe to take or leave the call.

When I make an outbound call the screen goes blank once call is established so I cannot access keypad to send dtmf selections or make conference calls. I cannot even hang up once call is established since I don't have access to the calling features on the screen.

Once I toggle the power button, I am able to access everything but above stated problems start cropping up making or receiving calls.

I have tried Restore Settings without results. Please HELP!!
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Hmm was the screen acting weird like that after you cracked the lcd but before you had it replaced? Assuming it was even usable at that point to know if that was the case. I doubt it's a software thing although I could of course be wrong.

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This sounds like the sensor that detects if screen is covered, like if it's in pocket etc, is broken. It's in the upper right corner of the bezel.

Seems like your n9 thinks your phone is in pocket all the time so out doesn't display the low power screen.
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What you describe is exactly how the phone would behave if you had the proximity sensor covered all the time.

Sounds to me like the proximity sensor has been damaged or bent out of alignment, or they might have simply got some dust in there and the proximity sensor is picking on the that and giving a false proximity reading.

Take it back and ask them to check it, they would have switched it on and seen it work so assumed all was OK and they would not have realized anything was wrong with the proximity sensor.

Good luck

EDIT: ajalkane you got there first.

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looks like the proximity sensor is not working properly. When you have the phone in your pocket the sensor will shut down to tap to wake up function, also when you receive a call, the sensor will turn off the screen when you put the phone in your face.

You should check the sensor is not blocked or disconnected

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After 1.2 this happened to my friends N9. Until he took the screen cover off.

Do you have a screen cover on? Take it off if you do
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after many trials of fixing this by software (mostly reinstalling stuff), I built in another "proximity sensor", and everything is fine again.
Is it possible that this small sensor-pcb does light and proximity? Light is definetely on this chip.
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somehow, I connected the display + prox.sensor while the phone was turned on. First it looked like the phone was completely dead, but it turns on with the old broken sensor... And the bug is back again.

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easy answer doesn't work anymore. If I could end calls, while the screen is black, I could use my phone pretty well. But the screen only turns on, if the other side ends the call.. Is there any other way to end a call?

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