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SOVED!!! with number of my girl I received the sms with the code...

I think that my number is black list tomorrow I repeat the procedure...
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can this be sourced for n9
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hey people please someone help me
I first wrote my number and every thing and forgot to write the imei number then it's not working it's saying unknown error how to go back to write it again please someone help me
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guys please read all the pages it contains all this errors and all of them are solved and also i wrote a post with a very detailed steps to make it work and how to activate it..
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I don't know if it's been answered or not, but SMS method works only if after you've received the SMS with the code, you edit the prefs.xml and put your phone number in the PHONENR entry key because it's empty in the SMS method.

Then rerun the client and type the code.

This way you avoid waiting for like 3 hours to use the voice method.

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The theory

sudo gainroot

cd /home/user/.java/.userPrefs/org/peterbjornx/whatsapp/storage/
leafpad prefs.xml

and write :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<map MAP_XML_VERSION="1.0">
<entry key="CC" value="country code"/>
<entry key="CONTACTS" value=""/>
<entry key="IMEI" value="IMEI number"/>
<entry key="LOGIN" value="ph# with country code"/>
<entry key="PHONENR" value="PH# without country code"/>
<entry key="REGSTEP" value="1"/>

I use winscp (pc) and openssh server n900

thanks mohammed muid

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After I fix the input of number character on my n9 using bluetooth keyboard, I tested I can send and receive Chinese character by copy and paste the characters. Also I can send and receive Chinese character on my PC, I seem nothing related to the port about Chinese character display, I think it is related to some jvm encoding setting.
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Originally Posted by peterbjornx View Post
NOTE : This is WIP and not everyting works
New features:
-Limited group chats ( No creation, invite ) (NOT TESTED YET)
-Auto scroll down
- Packaged for N900

First install the Oracle JRE :
Second, install WhatsApp :
Third, enjoy and report any bugs!

Any updates on this app?
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it works on my n900. However, the missing word wrapping makes it hard to use. I hope the development continues as it is a useful programm for maemo!

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Works really great on n900 - except that my own phone number is in the adressbook.

Maybe its there for the purpose of pinging me for a new message?

After few minutes even when I'm not having a conversation - a new windows opens without anything in it (just ping)
Why does it happens or isn't there a possibility for the moment?

But to sum up: Thank you very much for this great possibility of using wa on n900 Bringin it back to life


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