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Tried with reboot several times, status bar goes 3/4 the way and then stops. Message: Backup failed, try again. Done this tens of times and no luck.

I previously restored from the copy copied from ubuntu, created earlier from the asme N9 succesfully.

Is there som locks to be removed or something? N9 Tweaks are in use and not other problems found.

Thanks !
Posts: 31 | Thanked: 18 times | Joined on Feb 2010 @ Finland
Any help for this?
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My backup also freezes (and also froze in PR 1.1 before I flashed my phone from scratch.)

It did work with PR 1.0 so I'm not sure what's causing it.
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it happend to me too, but when i tried to name it. just hit backup and leave name blank. it work for me, otherwise reboot and do it again. hope it help
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hmm, I'm trying to make a new backup, but everytime I save a new one, it just closes within 2 seconds. It's weird and frustrating. I've rebooted and restored from a previous backup to get my contacts, gallery, camera, and apps working.
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Use "dd" on a nix/nux machine to create a backup. Do not rely on those pesky backup-programs, simply use "dd".

Second result in my google search; good enough to illustrate...

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