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Place calls with one click. Clean Dark UI for your phone book.
Optionally can automatically place international calls using SkypeOut or GoogleVoice by calling your GV or Skype phone number and sending dial tones.

IMPORTANT: For setup and instructions, please visit .

This application will not run on Harmattan Firmware PR 1.0.

Download for free:

My maemo work:
For Harmattan:
GeePS - native UI around google maps - GApp - access to optimized mobile "google apps".
Shutdown - shutdown and reboot with one click - QuickCall - one click call, skypeout and google voice integration using dial tones.
WakeOnLan - wake computers on your local network.
For Maemo/N900:
GApp - access to optimized mobile "google apps". - MobWebMail: browser optimized to access multiple gmail accounts
MyContacts: 75 Contacts on your desktop, ring tones per group and more - GeePS: native front-end for google maps
Macuco2 : web browser to access web sites optimized for the iphone - WakeOnLan: wake up computers on your local network
dbBrowser: Simple application to browse sqlite databases

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Happy to see you finally made it to the store. Keep them coming.
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Mr. Crochik, good to see your app finally got through the Ovi store acceptance process. I look forward to more of your apps.
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I enjoyed your apps on my N900 - glad I will be able to enjoy your app on my N9 as well. Thanks for all your hard work!
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