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Originally Posted by aironeous View Post
Can somebody spot the screw holes on the Nu mini Iphone case so we can unscrew them and replace with our N9 case? I'm watching the youtube videos and I can't see where the holes are so far.

edit: At 5:34 from the underside on this video
It looks like it is riveted on with 8 rivets near top and maybe another 8 on bottom.
hmmm Well I'm in machine class. I should be able to do anything. I could stick it in a vise and punch out the rivets maybe - destroying the iphone case then use or drill whatever holes I want.
I'm still just a student but maybe I'll ask teach for advice on this and do it as a project.

edit again: Wait at 2:57 here
are those 2 black strips tape that hides screw holes?

edit yet again: Or you can go with the TK-421

with HUGE keyboard real estate but you're going to have to flip it upside down then swivel the keyboard open.
But wow look at the HUGE FULL keyboard. I think I'm going to try out that one since I have big fingers and hit wrong keys a lot.
TK-421, why aren't you at your post?

TK-421, do you copy?

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There is also a similar keyboard buy with a tilt here

Has anyone had any experience with these or can anyone tell how the rear mechanism compares to the slider in the original post?
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Ha ha first attempt just using a lighter, some wire snips and some small screw drivers. I just heated up the tiny screw driver and drove it through the case into the little black base. I totally got the wrong angle. Oh well I have plenty of more cases and I'm glad I tried it out on a color I didn't like. Tomorrow I'll circular file that black base. The N9 is so top heavy like this it would be easy to drop it forward and I don't like this keyboard performance. Keys are not registering and keys are double and triple registering. Too much babysitting just to get something typed out and the whole thing is cheap plastic. Love the keyboard size and layout and button feel though, it's huge and a function button on both sides.

Verdict I'll try the slider keyboard at the start of this thread or maybe another slider but if it performs like this constantly missing keys and double and triple registering keys to the point of babysitting like this one that will be my last try. This one not only makes the N9 a brick/sandwich but there is a black blob sticking out of the top which is where it pivots. It looks like it's parasiting the N9. Oh well, too bad we can't have a huge keyboard like this but super thin and hardwired in and slides out. It was too good to be true. I feel, well.....istupid.

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@aironeous this is simply just funny mate...

I feel, well.....istupid.
Shame it didn't work.

Regards Dousan...
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got it workin... did anybody solve the problen with FN button?

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Has anyone tried the NUU K2-1 MiniKey? It looks like an interesting alternative to the Boxwave keyboard buddy case.

I'd like to try a mod too. However, I have absolutely no idea of which one would be the best, in terms of size, keyboard quality and compatibility. Any reviews (on either one of these keyboards)?
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Originally Posted by Kabouik View Post
Has anyone tried the NUU K2-1 MiniKey? It looks like an interesting alternative to the Boxwave keyboard buddy case.

I'd like to try a mod too. However, I have absolutely no idea of which one would be the best, in terms of size, keyboard quality and compatibility. Any reviews (on either one of these keyboards)?
The minikey wont work from the looks of it, it doesnt have a removable device holder and its built too perfectly for the iPhone

I LIE! It should work, there's screws and stuff on the MiniKey Im tempted to just buy it and try!

EDIT: Went and bought one, will post pictures when finished and will let you know how it works! Don't have the hard case yet, so going to use the standard rubber one initially.
Well Nokia do at least know how to build a decent phone, just apparently don't know how to support it..

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Originally Posted by HtheB View Post
So there I was, thinking how to get my hands on the N950 some time ago... but then I thought: How will other people will get the N950? Everyone should be able to get the N950...!

All this thinking have made me do something about this problem. A little "case-mod" can do miracles

I bought a cheap iPhone bluetooth slide-case, and a cheap N9 case on eBay.

I unscrewed the case to get rid of the iPhone case, to just have the bluetooth keyboard with the slider.

Then, I just made holes in the cheap N9-case and screwed the slider on it.

Turn on the device, pair them and the result: N9 with a keyboard!

The only drawback is that there is no Ctrl button. I hope someone can help on this project to add a ctrl key for this bluetooth keyboard. There is a "menu" button which doesn't do anything on the N9... Maybe we can bind this key to act as a Ctrl key?

I made some pictures on how I did this, I'll upload them today to share this idea with everybody.

Bluetooth Keyboard:

N9 hardcase:


Here are the pictures and the YouTube video:

Picture 1:
The bluetooth keyboard itself in it's original state

Picture 2:
Remove the sticker from the case to get to the screws

Picture 3:

Picture 4:
Unscrew the screws

Picture 5:

Picture 6:

Picture 7:
Makes holes on top of the N9 case and place it on the bluetooth keyboard and screw the screws back

Picture 8:
Place the sticker back on top of the N9 case to prevent scratches on your N9

Picture 9:
Result! (This is an early build, that's why it's not perfectly centered in the middel)
This can be our community device
If you want to support my work, you can donate by PayPal or Flattr

Projects no longer actively developed: here

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Wow, simple but awesome.

Should i try it out if i get meego device or on my existing nokia n8
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A device as beautifully designed as the n9 deserves better than a iphone hand-me-down (not that I'm knocking your fine efforts). Why not design our own case and use a 3d printer to fabricate it?

Building my own 3d printer is my project for the summer, so I'm holding off doing this just yet, but I thought I'd put the idea out there.

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nokia n955

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