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Here is the source code now:

I've created it as a clone of the original qt sync client for owncloud, so that is may be simplier to do merges later on.

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what about harmattan port ?
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That may come someday

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I did try to hack a "proof of concept" html5 client for end/owncloud backend for tizen platform , I'll have to test on other browsers ...
it's early stages and not fully usable but I can share the sources

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I would love to see this in extras.

With my N900 and the Owncloud NAS my dreams become reality.
2012 is a great Year.
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Tofe, think that day still may come, when there's a harmattan port? i'm also thinking that owncloud + jolla device may become a very nice combination at some point...
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Any updates on this? is there something better? looking for an owncloud client for my n900 as I wish to sync my emulator saves
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Let's get this on extras! C'mon, is it being maintained anymore?
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Originally Posted by Tofe View Post
Ok, here are some news:
1. I got it to compile for the N900, and
2. I got it running on my N900
3. I modified the UI slightly, to make it fit the N900 screen. It is still a bit tiny, but it seems usable
4. It doesn't seem to synchronize the folders recursively. I don't know if it is a bug or a feature ?...

If you want to try, I have attached the .deb package made by QtCreator. I'll try to take some screenshots, too.
To start the program, launch it from terminal with this command:

But be aware that the program doesn't close by itself, as it thinks there is a systray. So you'll have to kill it by hand, using htop for example.

It is a very early package ! It doesn't do awful stuff, but it may crash.

Hi this package does not work for me... anyways do you have any news about this app?

Thank you
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Here is a new try for a an owncloud client. It is based on the official owncloud implementation. The advantag is that you have to worry less about data corruption or incomplete syncs. I ported an owncloud command line client first. Later, this could be integrated into Tofe's GUI or the official gui could be adapted.

The client is command line only and comes without a packaging, so you need some command line skills. However, once it is set up it seems very stable and easy to use (owncloud icon which runs a sync, cronned execution would be very easy to do). I use it for a week with many files being removed and added and had no single problem so far.

Compiling the three source libraries was not easy. First, they depend on newer QT and cmake. Worse, it seems that maemo's gcc (or ld) produces buggy output files which corrupt the stack frame, if "-fstack-protector" is used. The result is that the programs crash _before_ the main method. Thus, I included diff files so you can compile yourself

Download the tgz here.

Source libraries are qtkeychain, mirall and ocsync.

Installing instructions:
1) unpack to
2) install with
apt-get install libneon27
cd /usr/local/lib 
ln -sf ~user/src/oc_maemo-0.9/*so* .
cd /usr/local/bin
ln -sf ~user/src/oc_maemo-0.9/owncloudcmd .
# the desktop symbol cannot be symlinked 
cp ~user/src/oc_maemo-0.9/owncloud_sync_qt.desktop /usr/share/applications/hildon
cp ~user/src/oc_maemo-0.9/owncloud_sync_qt.png /usr/share/icons

# sync_oc is called from the app icon. Edit and set passwords and the url
cp sync_oc ~
vi ~/sync_oc
Files on FAT filesystems might get immediately synced back once (and
then distributed onto other clients) since the file access time is
only 2s precise. No data loss or corruption, but waste of data rate.

Crashes due to stack corruption (please report and send core file). No
data loss or corruption observed yet.

Crashes if parameters are in slightly wrong format!

Seems to crash if the loglevel is raised to 11 and files are uploaded.

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