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I know that already there is slide2answer , but what am thinking about is to make highly configurable answer screen app just like qtlockscreen (the same principle of configuration)

is this possible ?
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nice to see N900 still being discussed...
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you mean it should look like this
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Originally Posted by nicholes View Post
you mean it should look like this
almost the same , because what you were asking about is to modify phone UI which is closed source , but here I am asking about making app that work on the top of stock answer screen , just like qtlockscreen which is also work on top of the stock lockscreen and as you can see it works smoothly and highly configurable

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v can have a bigger image/even full screen image display of the person calling.. that would be cool..
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Woldnt it be easiest to rewrite slide2answer then?
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I keep talking about this and I keep hitting brick walls when I start working on it.

Stuff like this doesn't need overlays, it needs hooks.
And hooks need a hooking platform.

iOS has MobileSubstrate, a platform that loads hooks which replace code at run time ("tweaks" in English), a similar concept could be done on Maemo 5, although a bit harder since Obj-C uses plain text for method and class names.

The Maemo 5 way would be:
  • Patch hildon-desktop's exec code, so it looks for binaries in a specific folder (like /opt/usr/lib/hooks).
  • When an app is started, in this case, rtcom-call-ui, hildon-desktop would look for hooks in /opt/usr/lib/hooks/hildon-desktop/*.so, and if found, load them.
  • These hooks would replace different methods of the code, this needs to be done carefully in order to not use a lot of memory.
  • Again, in this case, GTK libs need to be patched so the button can be destroyed and replaced by a slider for example, then the libs need to be loaded, OR the methods of the phone app, including the init() method of the incoming call dialog so that it's rewritten, and the new UI would call the existing methods by calling the methods internally.

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mohamadAG can u make an application widget for fm radio on n900 plzz
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Anybody ever planned to write open source replacement for rtcom-call-ui?

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