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I just read on that Shuttleworth wants an Ubuntu smartphone [1].
Unfortunately that's all the information the article contains, so up to now it's a vague rumour at best.

I've been thinking for a long time that Canonical is the only realistic player on the market that might be able to produce the next true (read: non-android) Linux smartphone.
As a Debian user I am biased against Ubuntu as a Desktop operating system but compared to Maemo Ubuntu would be a huge step forward if it's actually able to run a smartphone completely (including phone functionality and a suitable UI).
So if someone has more information than I currently have please let me know (e.g. does somebody know the keynote mentioned in the article?)!


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what a story.... i'll search for more info.... the other thread is tizen and here is ubuntu...
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We have Tizen, we'll maybe have Smartphonebuntu. Maybe some of them will kill iOS and Android
Either, I bet Tizen has greater opportunity. It's supported by Sprint and Samsung. But if Canonical does good work, Ubuntu can overtake Tizen.
I hope that at least one of them will have awesome mutlitasking like in Maemo or WebOS.
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wow, its for real?
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I think it will be some years into future until anything happens on that front.

My N9 will no doubt serve me well for many years. Hopefully Ubuntu phone is out by that time. Strangely the new BB10 seems also alluring.
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Originally Posted by marmistrz View Post
Something in English here
Ok, this article at least contains some information.

But I don't like reading this:
Unlike Google, which is acquiring handset manufacturer Motorola, Canonical has no plans to offer its own smartphones, so presumably would be a more neutral party to hardware manufacturers.
Why would any smartphone producer switch from the established android platform to Ubuntu?
I fear that without an own device Ubuntu will never be the primary OS on any smartphone, not even for hackers because the proprietary firmware blobs will remain android-only.

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