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I build the newest xu4 1.0beta4 package ( for the n900.

The original Ultima IV is freeware. In the package ultima4-data the data-file is downloaded in the postinst script from and saved in /opt/xu4/share/games/ultima4/ This means you have to be online, if you install ultima4-data.

The package xu4 contains the game interface. I uploaded also ultima4-graphics-upgrade to Extras-devel non-free. This package upgrades Ultima IV to 256 color graphics with MIDI support.

I changed the key mapping from alt + key to FN (blue arrow) + key.

In the Menu you have to press the starting letter
  • j - continue playing
  • i - new game
  • c - configure
  • a -about

In the Game you can press FN+h for a list key mapping.

You can enable fullscreen in video options.

I am playing at the moment with the following settings:
At the moment i have set the game cycles to 15.
I disabled the mouse.
I set the keyboard repeat Interval to 10 msec.

If you press G and you are not over a chest, then the game crashes.
You have to kill the game with
killall -9 u4

Have Fun!

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just tried this and it has no sound...
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I've also noticed no sound, but that isnt a big problem.
What is causing me problems is that I cant seem to type the number "1".
Therefore I can't ready a weapon for "1" or buy 10 packets of food!

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