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Hi all,

I hope this is the right place, I have been looking for a forum fpr my new N9 and this came up the most...

After unplugging my phone from my little 2.1 sound system the earplug detection seems to be erratic.

Generally I have no sound now from the loudspeaker.

But: Phone ringing, Speakerphone, system sounds, everything works.
Just not Music Player, IP Radio (tried several) and games, those will only be directed to the 3.5mm plug, no matter if there are any actual headphones plugged in.

The detection seems to work, though: when I put the phone on standby and plug in the headset, it wakes up, The same happens, when I put it to sleep with the phones plugged in and then disconnect them,

I tried deleting all the games I installed (Ripoff I suspected to be the culprit), rebootet several times and reset the phone, but the problem persists.

Hopefully someone here can help me, this phone is just two weeks old - it must not be faulty!
Posts: 2 | Thanked: 1 time | Joined on May 2012
Well, this is rather embarrassing:

N00b-Award for me!

Turns out that there a two different volume sets, one for headphones and one for speaker. And that one was turned down to nill.

I would'n actually mind if this thread simply vanished into the abyss...

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