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Originally Posted by thedead1440 View Post
yup its true. any file <20MB will be downloaded using 3G even if WiFi is connected. Its very unpredictable.

Worse is when downloading an app the screen locks (going to sleep), on turning on the screen the download is re-started.
Are you spreading more false rumors? You just got slam dunk by Ayle for all the wrong facts.
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Originally Posted by thedead1440 View Post
no intention to get into an argument here but Ayle too has massaged the facts while setting the record straight:

76. One volume control for all functions including media playback, ringtones, alarms, notifications.
True but then it is that same on the other OS like android or ios too.[I](it isn't like that on Android and iOS)[/I]
77. Wi-fi disconnects when screen sleeps. Too bad if you are in the middle of a download.
False. All my podcasts download while the phone is sleeping.the WiFi and 3G inter-operability is a mess, google it and you'll see the results
78. If you receive a text message when talking on the phone an audio alert will blast your ear at the full volume set. All other phones will give a soft beep.
Never experienced that. this does occur from personal experience even google shows it up.

i don't have the time to check all the facts out but come on don't muddy the waters when blaming others for coming up with drivel.
Throwing more oil on the fire is not my intention and if I have made any mistake or wasn't clear in any of my counter arguments, feel free to criticize them. What I haven't experienced personally I pointed clearly so yeah... But you have to admit that a lot of stuff on that list is just disingenuous...

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Originally Posted by Ayle View Post
87. Cannot handle USSD codes.
It does.
It cannot handle USSD requests that return an interactive menu:

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thats why i sold my lumia 710,
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This thread is full of flame posts and insults. Looks like a lot of folks would like to get infractions. Let's move on guys.

Thread closed.
Reggie Suplido

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