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I followed the instructions here to put Mer on an sdcard. I have uboot on my n900 from an earlier time when I was looking at Nitdroid on an sdcard. It's very important to me not to brick the phone or blow up my Maemo on the phone itself. As with Nitdroid, I just want to take a look at Mer and see how I like it.

When I power up with the slider open, I get the uboot screen, but my choices are Maemo5 (which works fine), or "Nitdroid" even though the sdcard has Mer on it.

I'm obviously missing something, but the more threads I read the more confused I'm getting! What do I need to do to get uboot to see my Mer card?
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why creating new topic? Post it in uboot thread, please.
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Sorry to be in the wrong place, but I didn't realize I was. I assumed this was something to do with Mer, not uboot. Aren't I missing a step in the Mer install?

I'll be glad to ask in another thread. Could you give me a direct link to the thread you mean, just so I can be sure I don't post in the wrong one again?
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Better use search bar
you can do this

go here

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Okay, thanks for that link. Yes, I'd found that thread before, but couldn't understand the instructions well enough to be sure it applied to this case. I'll try over there.

Maybe they'll send me back to the Mer boards.

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