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I love my Nokia n900 but as the hardware is a bit temperamental (USB falling out etc)
I feel like buying a Nokia n9, should I?
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I got myself cyan N9 16gb for 300 about month ago and I so love this. So without futher babbling, I'd recommend getting one

Edit: of course if you need keyboard, other hacky-hacky features then I dunno

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(unless you are a low-level hacker or enjoy typing essays on your phone)

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It's sexy as Hell (the N9) and has a fantastic Operating System plus plenty of ram.

But I would keep an eye open for the upcoming Pureview 808 as well.

It has EVERYTHING in terms of connectivity plus it has a very very powerful GPU.
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Really??? You have to even ask?
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Yes, because you can get them extremely cheap now. They are great value for money, well maybe not great but worth the price.

No, because you will get much more value for your money by getting a Galaxy Nexus, they are almost as cheap as the N9 now. That may not even be an option for you, but it should IMO.

The N9 is also officially discontinued in most markets they were sold in, so you have to decide fast, they will soon disappear. It's like Nokia cant wait to remove every trace of the Maemo/MeeGo adventure.

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Yes, you should get the N9 as it is the closest experience you'll ever get to your N900. Forget about closed os like ios and WP7.5, you will run screaming back to your N900. As for Android you will not be happy with no terminal mode, no positive way to close an app and flaky multitasking. So get an N9 because it's the only chance you have to continue your N900 experience or most of it.
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Yes, asked myself the same thing. I am very happy so far.
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You could always "rent" one... buy it new from Amazon or off ebay, try it for a few months and if you really don't like it, switch to something else (i.e. [re]sell it). There'll be some demand for these handsets at least for a few more months. I am not running back to iOS, Win 7.5 or Android. MeeGo fits me, YMMV. Good luck.
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I felt like buying one. I bought one. I didnt regret it.

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