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Originally Posted by majd_90 View Post
i want a version for n900 please anyone !!!!!
didnt you see "N900 wazapp only" thread naru is working on it
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Originally Posted by sicofante View Post
I don't know if this has been asked before.

Does anyone know if the Whatsapp guys are OK with this app? Can they ask tgalal to "cease and desist" for some reason?

I still don't have my N9, but wife is asking for Whatsapp app or there will be no N9 for us, so you will understand how important this is for me.
for 1:1 conversation, wazapp perfect for it. should be ok to chat with ur wife

media sharing can be replace with emailing... and group chat..weell..unless u have group of wives
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Originally Posted by sifo View Post
didnt you see "N900 wazapp only" thread naru is working on it
yeah... about that... at that rhythm we might have wazapp on the N900 by the time they are all broken

and btw... I understood it was a joke
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Originally Posted by jim_cos View Post
I have tried that as well. I tried to register on a official Whatsapp in a Nokia C7 but it was rejected too. So, surely the problem is in the number and not in the application.
Well I'm not sure about that, I'm also unable to register my number (fail too many) but when installing whatsapp under Android SDK, I'm able to setup whatsapp without a sms or so. It seems to recognize my iPhone bought whatsapp account and starts to use it. Maybe wazapp does not recognize the servers return code?
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Guess who is on nokia conversations and Nokia Argentina FB page?

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Originally Posted by LaLlamaQueLlama View Post
Guess who is on nokia conversations and Nokia Argentina FB page?
t-galal=hot stuff
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I have done a small change to get it more Bluetooth keyboard friendly:

in Conversation.qml, add to the TextArea with chat_text as id:
Keys.onEscapePressed: platformCloseSoftwareInputPanel()     
            Keys.onReturnPressed: {      
		var toSend = chat_text.text.trim();
                 if ( toSend != "")
                    chat_text.text = "";
                 chat_text.focus = true;
In this way pressing esc will close the virtual keyboard, but focus will stay in the text area, meaning full screen conversation. Pressing ctrl+return will send the message aswell.
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Originally Posted by Industreality View Post
Does this fork records the same private info out of, let's say the webbrowser, as the regular app? And if so, will it be send to whatsapp servers? Or is this all nicely left out?
I don't know about other data (I supose not) but your phonebook will be sent to Whatsapp inc when syncing contacts.
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I get messages from my friends, and I must restart wazpp to bequeath
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Excellent news... Thanks tgalal and others developers for your effort.

I would like to show the name of other members in groups.

I have one question how can i install on my Nokia N900? shows me a message about missing qt libraries, someone will have some compiled with these libraries?

Best Regards from Venezuela

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