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Anyone have any insight about this. I'm simply amazed about this case. How do they come up with that amount? Is this with or without lawyers?
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n900 ****in rules!!!!! if it was legal to marry my n900.....pause!
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Originally Posted by anim1 View Post
n900 ****in rules!!!!! if it was legal to marry my n900.....pause!
what has this to do with n900?
has Philly started to legalise the medicinal marijuana too that i never heard in news?
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Lawyers Musicians have families to feed too
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30 songs = 675k$

Makes total sense. According to the latest court-approved estimates, RIAA and MPAA are losing more dollars every second than world has created so far. Logic. I just downloaded a track, not bad, wouldn't pay for it a cent, but they just lost 20k$. Greece also had imaginary accounting, lets hope it won't stand once last appeal/supreme court has been reached. It would mean we have been riched.
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sometimes idiocy should be rewarded with a hard kick to the nuts.
Pika Boo! its the linux monster... Ahhh run away LoL
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This explains it (and is quite entertaining too):
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The funny thing here is that: lets say somone download/upload 3000 songs which I would say is quite common bck then.

The guy would pay a penelty of $67500000. And this makes it even more stupid. Its like take one guy out of thousends, stop him for speeding and charge him for all the others who driving faster than the limit. It's not making any sense.

No doubt, its a crime. But there must be some kind of justice?
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Originally Posted by Chuck Norris View Post
But there must be some kind of justice?
Not in this world.
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It's called making an example of one offender in the hope that they will all cr@p bricks and either turn themselves in or cease downloading.

Hardly likely to happen though.
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