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I am donating/diverting my Nokia N9 (award from "New Apps for Nokia Store" activity due to "SymPy Interactive Shell" software) to itsnotabigtruck :

Topic "Donating (award) devices to eyes, itsnotabigtruck and qole ?"

If possible anybody (from "Community Awards" or "Coding Competition") could help to exchange the N9 for a N950, as a N950 was the preference of itsnotabigtruck.

And feel free to donate to eyes and qole, they need a N950 and N9, respectively.
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Integral, Derivative, Limit - calculating mathematical integrals, derivatives and limits. SymPy - Computer Algebra System.
MatPlotLib - 2D & 3D plots in Python. IPython - Python interactive shell.
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Originally Posted by qgil View Post
On Wednesday the developers without address data in their profiles were Somnath Banik, Stuart Marsden, Nishith Mahajan, Dinesh Manajipet and Tong Zhang. If you have introduced the data since then, great.

The delivery team has Mid Summer celebration in Finland, and I'm busy with Qt Contributors Summit. Please give us some extra days to answer all your questions on shipments. Thanks!

PS: nobody is supposed to pay any taxes. If you are having this problem send me an email with a clear visible subject. Thanks again.
Hi qgil! :-)

I have checked my nokia developer profile carefully and I'm sure that
I have filled my address info correctly.

Would you be kind to check it for me please?

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Greetings fellow Qt5 on N9 lovers. I received my N9 very promptly and have been feeling a bit guilty about not getting my app up and running.

I have been trying to get a working toolchain building on ajalkane and have contributed to this thread

I have sort of been able to get something to run but it cannot find the Meego components or even Quick2. I have even tried checking out snowshoe and deleting everything but the setup as I know that it can work. I just get symbol errors on the device.

I am wondering what the rest of you are doing? Have you all quietly got a working toolchain? Or are you all enjoying summer and not had chance to look at this yet?

I am completely new to Harmattan development (but not bad with Qt on the desktop). I had been thinking I would stand on the shoulders of the far more experienced mobile developers but apart from ajalkane there does not seems to be much interaction.

So can I invite the rest of the Device Program members to share their progress.

Happy hacking

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help me friends my location widget is ful black it not showing the map but i can see the location point and my map is working

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