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I had to study for some exams of mine in the future, but guess what I did instead

Kana of The Day is an application together with Desktop Widgets that shows one Japanese kana everyday so you can remember one hiragana and one katakana everyday (or more than one). The main app supports portrait mode as well.

The database and categories (sets) are those from the `kanatest` project so after using this to remember the kana, you can use `kanatest` to test your knowledge.

This was not my first Qt project, but my first Maemo and Debian experience. I tried to give it a neat clean look and easy-to-use interface (it supports finger swipe, portrait mode, etc), there are complexities in the underlying implementation though (home widgets, dbus, packaging craziness, etc).

Version 1.1.1 is already in extras-devel. Here is the link to the deb file for convenience.

Hopefully this is my entry for the Coding Contest 2012. I guess you won't use this app; however please vote if you liked the design and programming.

Screenshots attached show desktop widgets and the app in landscape and portrait modes.
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one word , AWESOME
Plus i am not sure if i am asking for more but do you have any plans to include other languages such as french , chinese ?
I am going to test it straight away .Great work dude .Between does it include translation of the word that is being shown up there ?
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Thanks for the quick response

Actually it's just letters, so even if kana has a standalone meaning it doesn't show meanings, only transliteration.

However the program source code is *almost* modular and can be easily adopted to new languages or learning situations.

I do plan to make a variant of this for learning Persian (native language) and Arabic letters. However it should be easy to make other languages as well. As you suggested it can be useful for remembering meanings too.

For the contest deadline, I had to forget about implementing some supplementary features.
This will be developed more in the future.

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