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I keep being prompted to update PyQt4 Demo on my notifications area. However when I go through the steps it tells me that the update failed due to a conflict with python2.5-qt4-network (4.7.3-maemo5).

Does anyone have any knowledge of what's going on and can I uninstall python2.5 inorder to update PyQt4? I have no idea what programs depend on these packages, but I'm guesing MaeMoney or something like that.

Thanks in advance.

PR 1.2 on N900

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I also can't update bicouse of QtDesigner dependency.
But what is with this old one?
In the DEMO in QDialogs there is no QScroolArea....why?
Only me who have this problem...on your N900 is scrooleable?
Someone could help me out?
And what's wrong with this code in in PyQt4 Demo examples?...on PC works fine.
it did not open any file type.
QtGui.QDesktopServices.openUrl(QtCore.QUrl( rrentDir.absoluteFilePath(item.text())))

Please someone help me out.
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hey SHARP66 !... I found the way you must do.

and do not disturb this community with your stupid questions

now I find that both code works the first if you are root and the second if you are not
I don't know if I installed something wrong, or that is normal

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