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I'm developing a foursquare application for maemo, and as I'm ready for a first development release, I wanted to create a .deb package.

I read through this, but "dh_make" wasn't present on my system.
I looked around a bit, and it seems like the package debhelper should contain this.

I tried installing it, but I get stuck:
  debhelper: Depends: dpkg-dev (>= 1.14.15) but it is not installable
             Depends: html2text but it is not installable
             Depends: po-debconf but it is not installable
E: Package dpkg-dev has no installation candidate
Am I installing the wrong package? Do I need something else? Is there some alternate way to create "deb" packages?

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If you use Scratchbox on OS working "apt-get".(like debian)
Then type "apt-get source dh-make" in an OUTSIDE of the scratchbox.
The dh_make command is not executable binary file but just a shell script with several text files.So you can simply copy them.

Copy them into /scratchbox/users/????/home/????/
chown,chmod,enter Scratchbox,and install dh_make from source normally.

#Note: You may have to edit dh_make script after install,like

our $DHLIB="/usr/lib/dh_make";

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