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So hey, I'm about to buy like my 9th battery here again and wouldn't mind finding another one in a few days or so.

Since some time has past and many of the links in this thread are now dead, which would a really good purchase?

I'm only looking at Amazon or perhaps some other place that I can use a credit card.

I can't seem to get PayPal to confirm my bank account for the life of me.

Anyway, I'm currently getting about 90 minutes of battery life in the one I'm using now.


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Dude, what do you do with them? I'm still with my 2nd.
Mugen still sells them.

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Addison: The last one I got was from these guys through Amazon.
After almost two years, it's still holding up well.

I found that my SD card had gotten corrupted and the constant error-checking was draining the battery.
Here is the forum post from last year.
N800/16GB (2x8) Diablo (SSU) 5.2010.33-1|

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