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This post contains the meeting minutes for both the 2012-11-30 and the 2012-12-07 meetings. As the person responsible for preparing these minutes and posting them in a timely manner, I apologize to the community for falling behind on them these last two weeks. It is worth noting that since these meetings took place, there has been discussion on the TMO infrastructure topic, both internally and visibly to the community through Board posts, and probably to some extent forum discussion. So the bullets regarding TMO infrastructure issues do not necessarily reflect the latest information by any means.


2012-11-30 Meeting held on FreeNode, channel #maemo-meeting (logs)

Attending: DocScrutinizer05, qwazix, ivgalvez.
Absent: NielDK, Mentalist Traceur completely forgot about meeting.

Summary of topics (ordered by discussion):
- Board Update / Infrastructure - TMO
- Board Update / Inftrastructure - Other
- Misc. Topics


  • This meeting was largely a casual discussion based on topics that, by the time these minutes were written, have been covered in the Board's meeting and minutes. Thus, this meeting's bullets should not be read as council's official positions/decisions, as is the case usually, but rather as just a summary of ideas that came up for discussion.
Topic 1 (Board Update / Infrastrucure TMO):

  • Reggie has apparently decided to donate TMO to the Hildon Foundation.
  • If the forum is kept, it looks like the board will either have to put it into read-only mode, and/or pay for a vbulletin license, because forum-porting/converting to another platform is not particularly feasible.
  • DocScrutinizer intended to talk to Reggie about this some more, in part to see what Reggie's reason for doing this is, in case it was due to some lost-in-translation issues.
Topic 2 (Board Update / Infrastructure Other):

  • It was noted that it is likely the board will have to trim off some of the current infrastructure in order to be able to maintain anything.
  • Garage and Bugzilla were both mentioned as things that might need to be made read-only.
  • It was suggested that the autobuilder might only be left for Fremantle, or perhaps also Diablo, and that anything below that can be considered obsolete by now.
Topic 3 (Misc topics):

CC Devices:
  • qwazix notes nothing has come of trying to contact anyone at Nokia.
  • Asked ivgalvez to see if he can manage to contact anyone.

Action Items:


2012-12-07 Meeting held on FreeNode, channel #maemo-meeting (logs) Attending: qwazix, Mentalist Traceur
Absent: DocScrutinizer, NielDK, ivgalvez was traveling with limited connectivity.

Summary of topics (ordered by discussion):
- Wiki Infrastructure
- CC Devices
- Nexus 7 As a Maemo Reference Device

Topic 1 (Wiki Infrastructure):

  • Wiki continues to have issue. kerio and ivgalvez are waiting for a response from X-Fade on the issue.
Topic 2 (CC Devices):

  • qwazix notes there's still no progress on the CC devices front; we're waiting for the Board's Nokia contact to respond about the matter.
Topic 3 (Nexus 7 As a Maemo Reference Device):

  • A day or so before the council meeting, the Council and Board mailing lists had the idea of using Nexus 7 as a Maemo reference device come up, due to the fact that there is now a Ubuntu installer available for it, which includes possibly workable linux drivers.
  • qwazix brought this up during the council meeting, suggesting that the Council take the initiative in querying the community to see how much interest there is in the idea.
  • Due to only two councilmembers being present, it was decided to merely mention it in the meeting minutes, and to discuss the topic in more depth when we had a fuller council meeting.

Action Items:

Link: Original article.

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Dear Council,

Is there any issue with NielDK? Seeing the minutes published he seems to be absent quite prominently since the latest Council have taken charge. Is it due to some issue that is hindering his ability to be part of the meetings?

Also, in addition to his absentism, maybe its good to give an update that he is on the same page with the others and is playing his role otherwise it may seem as an absentee Councilor

The above is a query not an attack so please treat it as such only...

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I just realized that here on the forum this gets posted under the Community Council account - the person responsible for preparing the minutes on time is me currently, so that apology at the beginning is from me.

Anyway, as I understand it from asking about this around the second meeting, NielDK has been dealing with some personal issues all this time, hence his absences. However, I myself don't know what those issues are, or how likely they are to be resolved in what time frame.

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