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Hey guys. I have a problem with my N810. One day I was reading some E-book and my cigarette dropped on the screen. Yeah I know, it was a stupid mistake. The LCD screen works perfectly fine, but it's the touch that is messed up and the part where the burn happened is a little warped. I've tried calibrating the screen but everything is still messed up clicks in wrong places and everything. I've been searching for months for a replacement digitizer( hope that's what I need). Can anyone give me any ideas where I could possibly find a replacement if there is possibly a replacement at all? Would a n800 digitizer work in the n810? Are there different models with the same part that my model has? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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im in the same boat, except mine slowly died over about 2 months a year a go. havent been able to find any replacement digitizer/screens worth the money.

Im on the line about buying a new n810, or some kind of tablet pc/device that i can put linux on, nothing over ~$150 though.

Kinda sol on this one, i thought about a bt/usb host mouse for my n810, but cant seem to figure that out either.

you can vnc into it, but for my application that defeats the purpose as a tablet device.

I think its possible to use a mouse, or perhaps even a ps3 controller to provide inputs, but couldn't find the info/put forth the effort. Personally something with a bit more beefier cpu/gpu is what i'm looking for, but thats a tough bill to fit if you want linux, querty hardware kb, and a high res screen like the n810 has.

The $79 new n810s offered at are tempting, and i check ebay every now and then. I'd love to replace mine, but i dont want to sink alot of cash into a new tablet.

Wish we had a sucessor to the n810, that was like a n900 light w/out the gsm, cheaper, bigger screen (capacitive amoled would be tits), and on par or a bit less powerful than a n900.

I love my n900, but i also loved my n810 in its own special way.

Theres plenty of alternative uses for it though, webserver, ddwrt, some arduino stuff, ect.


Used screen/kb replacement, but tested as working. Too pricey for me considering a used mint/new device though.

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