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Hello everybody..

I wanted to play with QMessageService to send SMS..
But i encountered an issue..

The QmessageService takes at least 3 mins to start!

Simply try this :

QMessageService* service = new QMessageService(this);

or this

QMessageService service = QMessageService(this);

and I get a Gdbus Error and other issues..

Messaging :  Looking for account by id: 13
Messaging :  Looking for account by id: 4
Messaging :  Looking for account by id: 2
"GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.Tracker1.SparqlError.Internal: Operation was cancelled"

QTrackerDirectSelectResult: QSparqlError(6, "GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.Tracker1.SparqlError.Internal: Operation was cancelled", 4) "SELECT?message rdf:type(?message) nmo:sentDate(?message) nmo:receivedDate(?message) nmo:isSent(?message) nmo:isDraft(?message) nmo:isRead(?message) nmo:isAnswered(?message) nmo:isEmergency(?message) nmo:deliveryStatus(?message) nie:contentSize(?message) (SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(tracker:coalesce(nco:imID(?medium), nco:phoneNumber(?medium), ?medium), "\u001e") WHERE { ?from nco:hasContactMedium ?medium . }) (SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(tracker:coalesce(nco:imID(?medium), nco:phoneNumber(?medium), ?medium), "\u001e") WHERE { ?to nco:hasContactMedium ?medium . })   (SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(    fn:concat(tracker:id(?contact), "\u001e",               tracker:coalesce(nco:nameGiven(?contact), ""), "\u001e",               tracker:coalesce(nco:nameFamily(?contact), ""),            "\u001d",              tracker:coalesce(nco:nickname(?contact), ""),"\u001d",              tracker:coalesce(?nicknames, "")),     "\u001c") WHERE {  SELECT ?contact   (SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(fn:string-join((nco:imID(?addr), ?nickname), "\u001f"), "\u001e")  WHERE {    ?contact nco:hasAffiliation [ nco:hasIMAddress ?addr ] .     ?addr nco:imNickname ?nickname .   }) AS ?nicknames   WHERE {  {    ?target nco:hasIMAddress ?address .     ?contactnco:hasAffiliation [ nco:hasIMAddress ?address] .   } UNION {    ?target nco:hasPhoneNumber [ maemo:localPhoneNumber ?number ] .     ?contact nco:hasAffiliation [ nco:hasPhoneNumber [ maemo:localPhoneNumber ?number ] ] .   }}}) AS ?contacts  rdf:nil nmo:phoneMessageId(?message) nmo:messageSubject(?message) nie:plainTextContent(?message) nmo:communicationChannel(?message) nmo:messageId(?message) nie:contentLastModified(?message) nfo:fileName(nmo:fromVCard(?message)) rdfs:label(nmo:fromVCard(?message)) nmo:encoding(?message) nie:characterSet(?message) nie:language(?message) nmo:isDeleted(?message) nmo:reportDelivery(?message) nmo:validityPeriod(?message) nie:generator(?message) (SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(?cc, '\u001e') {?message nmo:cc ?ccContact .{?ccContact nco:hasIMAddress [nco:imID ?cc]}UNION{?ccContact nco:hasPhoneNumber [nco:phoneNumber ?cc]}}) (SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(?bcc, '\u001e') {?message nmo:bcc ?bccContact . {?bccContact nco:hasIMAddress [nco:imID ?bcc]}UNION{?bccContact nco:hasPhoneNumber [nco:phoneNumber ?bcc]}}) nmo:reportReadStatus(?message) nmo:sentWithReportRead(?message) nmo:mustAnswerReportRead(?message) nmo:mmsId(?message) nmo:isAnswered(?message) (SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(fn:string-join((nmo:headerName(?header), nmo:headerValue(?header)), "\u001d"), "\u001f") WHERE { ?message nmo:messageHeader ?header }) WHERE { SELECT ?message ?from ?to  IF (nmo:isSent(?message) = true, ?to, ?from) AS ?target  ?message WHERE {?message nmo:from ?from ; nmo:to ?to .  ?message rdf:type nmo:SMSMessage . } }"
Does anyone know what's going on?
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Bump. I am experiencing same problem. Googling for the first line of error message only shows 4 results including this: one article says that clearing device is the only way. Can I get same result without clearing the device?

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