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I just flashed my n900 (Yes it worked! I rebooted after flashing the something or another and thought it was bricked. Nottttttt) after busting my 2nd screen in 2 months on my N9 (Yes I use the rubber case. Now I might try to find a stronger one) I had to do it.

I ordered a replacement for my N9. $60 total for a screen and the tools to replace it.

Checking the latest apps for the N900 now

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i oredered a broken n900 for reserve parts so i don't have to worry if something gets broken. To be honest if there was a good succcesor to n900 i would have it but sadly no. Sure i want to have more ram and mhz so that i can browse normaly but... no android device can do what the n900 can...

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Originally Posted by ste-phan View Post
Originally Posted by Lumiaman View Post
Going back to N900 is like going to your ex-wife: filled with excitement and danger at the same time. At the end you realize that going back was irrational nostalgia for times that are gone by. Hope your experience is better.
Switching to something newer than the N900 is like getting a new younger girlfriend, filled with excitement and danger..

At the end you may come to realize that you were driven by the irrational nostalgia wanting to relive the first days of exploring the N900 and that on long term you are stuck with something pretty but with little content, draining your life energy.
Oh dear. Moving on - disaster. Coming back - disaster.

So basically what you two are saying is that once I get the N900, I better stick with it forever. Luckily I have resolved to that myself anyway.

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Originally Posted by bsd1101 View Post
Several months ago, I left the n900 after the screen completely died on me. I just ordered a new one for $200 on ebay. I tried an HTC One S at first (left it because of no expandable storage), and currently have a Galaxy S3. The second I get the N900 I'm selling the S3. No more flashing roms, no more having to use the PlayStore, no more sharing of my information through applications without my acknowledgement. ........and oh ya a Keyboard.
I was inspired to resurect mine, back to camera, uploading pics for my work orders.

Just got tired today of swapping the camera Micro SD to my tablet.

Use a Dumb phone for phone service (different carrier).


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