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I'm about to buy a Nokia N9 but before buying I have one important question.

Does this device support voice guided navigation over A2DP while also playing music over A2DP at the same time and does it lower the music volume when the satnav voice kicks in?

That's all. Thanks..

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I've conducted a limited test: connected to PC by A2DP, playing music on the default music player, started Drive, started a guided "trip" in my chair. The result is mixed: there's a slight pause in the music when a direction was spoken, but it is often shorter than the actual direction. So no, unfortunately it seems there's no change in volume.

The voice is loud and clear, but it depends on your musical preference whether that's enough to hear it, I guess.

Beantwoordt dat je vraag?
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Thanks Fuzzillogic this answers my question.

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