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Current maemo calendar is a local calendar only, which can be synchronised remotely using different methods (Nokia PC Suite, bluetooth or http syncML, syncevolution on the device etc.)

Another nice way to push calendars online is the caldav extension to webdav, which permits saving calendar events directly on a server (with some local cache for offline mode). Users can use calendars from multiple devices (phones, laptops, desktop etc.) with multiple applications (PIM but web applications too). Caldav can permit people to share calendar between them in a nice way, with the server supporting permissions and access rights.

Brainstorm is at


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i would like to see something like that happen! it would be useful to sync and share a calendar with your company work group or with your family members
- while retaining the data ownership of your private information. that's why a google/ovi/etc sync is not enough.

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evolution-data-server has an evil memleak somewhere in it's CalDAV-support for years now. (see

It's not even useable on my workstation with 2GiB of RAM, so I have to use it with Lightning (which is far away from good, too))

I don't think evolution-data-server is the right way.

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Yes, CalDAV support would really be great! But it seems it is lacking on all Smartphones except for the iPhone..

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definitly the, besides a longer battery lifetime, the first thing I would like to have. Its sad to have a good buildin calendar and still just using the browser to navigate my online cal because the sync doesnt support it.

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An easy way to synchronize Maemo Calendar with a CalDAV service:

1. With the extras-devel repository enabled, install the package syncevolution-frontend

2. Open the SyncEvolution application

3. Tap on "Sync services", and press "Add new service". Next.

4. Give a name to this subscription, select "Google calendar" template, and Next.

5. Replace the "Sync URL" for the right one of your existing remote account. Fill username and password in Account boxes if necessary.

6. Ignore the "Database configuration is not currently available for this service type" warning. Next, Finish.

* Tested with DAViCal server software

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Also contacts can be syncronized via CardDAV with the Yahoo template.

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Does this auto-discovery, or how to i link different local calendars to multiple remote calendars?

There's CalDAV-Sync for Android which does exactly that: you provide the sync URL, and it fetches info about available calendars. Then you can choose which one to sync, and those get automatically created locally too. Perfect! I really love it on my tablet.

After all, syncevolution is such a hassle to configure, i never got it to work failure-free using SyncMLwith my 8-10 calendars (different error codes, also only "Download from server" (full data replacement) worked to some degree). Multiple calendars, because N900 doesn't support categories.

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