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ok guys ill try, but a bit strapped for time right now, will give feedback at some point, thanks
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I cannot figure out how to use the script that turns the BT on/off when a call is incoming. The steps that i followed
1.Installed Dbus-scripts
2.Created lidow's /etc/dbus-scripts.d/bluetooth-during-call, edited it "/home/user/bin/ * * call_request
/home/user/bin/ * * call_ended" and made it executable
3.Created and at /home/user/bin and edited them with the code provided by JonWW, then made them executable
4.killall dbus-scripts
5.receive call and... nothing happens
6.if i run dbus-scripts --debug and receive call script works
I have 0 programming experience and read as much as i could understand about this matter... bottom line is I'm stuck. Can someone tell me what should i do or point me in the right direction (wiki's or other material) so that i can get this thing working for me?
Thank you!

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