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Just got the PayPal address Donate link

Thanks for any donation!
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Originally Posted by Elleo View Post
I've managed to implement enough of the QML UI for QtRapids to make the most basic functionality usable:

Still a fair amount to do before it's really complete though.
Hey, nice work man! I know I estimated the QML port to be ready somtime in April, but due to unforeseen circumstances I have not had the time and motivation to work on this. And I was a bit disappointed that the project got left to such a point that I had some of the basic functionality "almost working".

But for what it's worth, you could apply for the project rights at the Qtrapids
Garage site
and push your stuff to another git branch. I would be more than happy to take a look at the progress!

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Great work so far, hope you have the time to port it for the Maemo5/N900 as well.

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