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Waiting for my Pebble. You can count on me for dev/testing purposes.
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Someone is working N9/Pebble :-)

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Looks interesting - but it would be much more so, if they would open source the firmware. Otherwise, no joy, no buy...
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Now nice to see on N9 but any progress on the N900?
Would be an nice addition to have

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Just did some quick testing. The python library, libpebble, seems to work fine on N900 after some minor changes for py25 compatibility, with or without using lightblue, but only when I put the watch in discoverable mode (i.e. by opening the Settings -> Bluetooth screen).

If the watch is in any other screen, I can't even establish a rfcomm connection:
$ rfcomm connect 0 <mac address> 1
Can't connect RFCOMM socket: Connection refused
This problem doesn't exist when pairing the watch with my laptop running Gentoo linux. Perhaps it is due to some bug in N900 bluetooth stack?

Works only in discoverable mode:
Works in any mode:
  • Gentoo + net-wireless/bluez-4.101-r5

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Has anybody gotten any further with connecting the Pebble to the N900? I am stuck using my Nexus phone just because I love the Pebble! I'd rather use my N900...
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