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Will you buy the Jolla phone?

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Originally Posted by Lumiaman View Post
Hmmmmm....well...if you look at their N9 pedigree, then no. If these are the same people that had since before 2009 to deliver smooth N9 and couldn't why would we trust them now. I am willing to give them a chance if reviews from reasonable people are positive...but otherwise....they will sink that Jolla fast
You mean as smooth as an Android phone?
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Originally Posted by tortoisedoc View Post
You mean as smooth as an Android phone?
Lumia 620, my new great phone. Smooth and does the basics well. If Jolla comes close, they will sell

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Originally Posted by Scorpius View Post
For instance I never use camera, maps or navigation. A camera phone in my opinion is just for documentation (like taking a picture to remember something you want to buy or a page of a user's manual), not for real photos.
If you have a high-quality camera which can be comfortably carried everywhere, all the time, you are lucky. Most of the time, I use N900 for photographs, and I curse the camera's inability to catch the quickly-moving birds with the same sharpness as a human's eye. However, the plants, flowers, insects make for spectacular photographs. And a photograph of pelican family, with one of the pelicans caught in flight, is still memorable.
Originally Posted by Scorpius View Post
Nobody is sending SMS/MMS anymore. The last time I received an MMS was in 2008. Proper IM apps are the most important thing a phone should have after making calls and before web browsing and email.
'Nobody' is sending MMS because: 1). There is no definite standard for MMS (I once tried sending MMS between N900 and another phone, and it was a fail); 2). Many phones no longer include MMS or 3G video calls by default; 3). Network operators have absurdly high charges for calls and SMS, and more so for MMS and cellular Internet. Honestly, it would be much more comfortable for me to use citizen band radio for most calls, and cellular radio as last resort if CB radio is unavailable. But, citizen band radio devices are not advertised in each and every shopping mall, like cellular phones are.
Originally Posted by Scorpius View Post
Sadly and I'm even ashamed to say this, a phone without at least GTalk, Skype and WhatsApp is already a dead phone.
I do not use GTalk because I dislike Google. I use Skype on desktop because I see no other alternative, and I use Skype-on-N900 very infrequently. I do not know what is WhatsApp.
Originally Posted by Scorpius View Post
Just look around you. When you see somebody using a phone is either typing a message or making/receiving a call. Also checking their Twitter and Facebook accounts (though they could do this through a web browser). They just browse the web when they are bored. I think I fire up my browser in the N900 once a week, and just because of boredom, but I'm typing messages all the time.
Yes, I am making/receiving calls - sometimes. I send less than one SMS a day; as far as I remember, I have never deleted an SMS from N900, and there is still no clutter in "Conversations".
I do not use Twitter or Facebook. Cellular Internet is used very rarely - about once a year.
I use the browser to either develop browser extensions or read local files. Browsing the Internet on such a small device with fragile screen and keyboard doesn't appeal to me.
IM apps would not be needed if MMS and-or email worked properly. Oh, and I would gladly switch from Skype to IRC Chat; it's not that difficult, I only have to convince others that the effort is worth it.
Originally Posted by Scorpius View Post
Jolla can't make a phone just for the geeks, because it's destined to fail. They need to make a phone appealing to everybody not only 50.000 hungry nerds. Otherwise the phone will be dead. This is a business.
I'm sure the numbers Jolla must be looking is that there are 500 million of iOS devices in the world turned on as we speak instead of ~60.000 N900/N9 turned on right now. This is BUSINESS not a device to make geeks happy.
Jolla cannot make a phone just for geeks because Jolla needs to prove themselves to possible investors as a growing company. Geeks alone cannot finance a company, or can they?
BlackBerry is fading since BB10 seemed to be a copycat; Apple has lost Steve Jobs; Microsoft has disappointed many users with these clumsy tiles of new Windows; Nokia is ridiculed for leaving Maemo and Meego without support, Google's Android is fragmented by definition and privacy-intrusive by design... It's a prime time for a new company with revolutionary concepts to take the leading role.
The fact is, everybody is different, and most people have at least a small bit of 'geek' within them. Geeky device and consumer-oriented device do not have to be polar opposites.
Originally Posted by juiceme View Post
I have never used GTalk, WhatsApp or Facebook. I do not even know what these really are. Skype I have used looooong time ago, on a computer.
I do not know what are your "proper IM apps", but I do use IRC from console
IRC from console... You, sir, are a command line interpreter. I am using Chatzilla, and making up ways to improve it. Like, reading history of messages from logs. Or, scheduling a message to be sent only when the intended recipient appears online.
Originally Posted by juiceme View Post
On the other hand, I do use camera fairly often when I need to take picture on something for later reference. For real photography, I use a SLR.
SMS'es I write several each day. MMS'es few a week. Same goes for email, few mails per day.
You are lucky to be able to use MMS easily.
Originally Posted by juiceme View Post
Browser is absolutely the most useful application, I'll fire it up few times per hour on any normal day.
Navigation, it's essential. Could not find my way around cities without it.
Navigation is essential. But, since I am afraid to drain battery, I prefer to keep most information in my head. Not much chance to get lost as long as I am using {public transport}+walking and avoiding the air-planes and long-distance-trains-buses. I have a dozen of bus timetable-and-routes with me, when using public transport, just in case. The most difficult part is when they change timetables, and I have to remember to acquire new timetables - or I miss necessary bus, to the extent it's easier for me to walk forty minutes - despite being tired already - than wait for the bus arrive.
Originally Posted by juiceme View Post
Ah, one I forgot, (but it's related to navigation), tracking my running distances on MeeTrainer.
And good health to you!
Originally Posted by Scorpius View Post
In this side of the planet it's like this:

Half of the mobile users have Androids, the other half have iPhones.

The iPhones users chat between them using FaceTime or iMessage.

Android users chat between them using GTalk.

To chat between platforms they use WhatsApp.

WhatsApp have more users than twitter right now:

People using PCs chat through AIM or MSN. Since MSN died, they use Skype now.

SMS are for banks and bills now. If I receive an SMS is because I haven't paid something or because I did (I used my debit/credit card and then I receive an SMS about it). I rarely receive an SMS from a non-automated source.
Hmm... On my deserted island, automated SMS are separated into five categories:
Small balance (Recharge, please!);
Advertisement (Would you consider switching to 24-Month postpaid plan?);
Spam (You have won 10^6 USD);
Thank you for your Spam SMS Report;
Missed Call from Person X.
How do I 'chat' with people? Skype-or-IRC on computer, SMS on phone.
I don't know what's AIM. The only thing I know about MSN is: it has a beautiful butterfly.
Originally Posted by pichlo View Post
That must be it. I am 40+ and this thread was the first time I've even heard about whatsit. My SMS-using friends and family are similar dinosaurs.
It may also depend on your calling plan. Pretty much everyone I know is on PAYG (pay as you go = pre-paid). Nobody is on a monthly contract.
I'm in age group of myname24 and tissot. I have heard of WhatsApp without understanding what it actually is. I use SMS when I have to convey information by phone - and phone call when I need more personal approach. As in, phone calls are generally used within family, and SMS are used with outsiders.
Originally Posted by Scorpius View Post
I was born in 1975 and that's not the case. Every one around me from my age use WhatsApp. Some older guys also use Blackberry Messenger but they still use WhatsApp.

SMS is not free. WhatsApp messages are free (or were free until recently). Data plan is way cheaper here than an SMS plan.

Maybe in Europe SMS is 100% free? WhatsApp became mainstream because it's kinda free (not anymore though).
Well, I am used to scary tales about expensive cellular Internet. If you know a place where Internet is free-of-charge... And batteries aren't drained too quickly... So far, the ideal place is airport: free Wi-Fi, and free access to electricity for recharging. Sit down and enjoy free-of-charge Internet. It would be even better if airports offered free-of-charge wired Internet. Then, people would not to worry about electromagnetic fields affecting their health.
I would use IRC. Only, I have to persuade others to switch to it, too... So far, IM traffic on my computer is divided almost equally between Chatzilla and Skype.
Originally Posted by stickymick View Post
I'll more than likely invest in one. Although I'm a little apprehensive about the snap-on covers. Will we be carrying dozens of little plastic covers when we are out and about?
They've already announced their first design change in that the production run will have a smaller bezel. They've kept the screen size, so it means a slightly smaller case.
Hopefully, TheOtherHalf will be as thick as the phone itself, sturdy and useful.
Smaller size is good.
Originally Posted by The Wizard of Huz View Post
...Yes these things are important for regular people because they are not geeks. They don't care about open source, having terminal and all that.
THEY don't have a reason to buy Jolla over any other phone.
Jolla should appeal first and first most to geeks. ... This market is big enough to keep them going in the beginning, together with the some of the regular people who are willing to buy new different devices.
If they appeal to regular people and there is no reason to buy their phone for geeks, they will have a hard time surviving.
First and foremost, Jolla has to deliver on their promise of being 'Unlike', unique. Then, people will buy their device: curiosity, boredom, contagious enthusiasm of world-changers. And appealing to geeks is part, but not the sole focus, of their promise.
Best wishes.
Per aspera ad astra...

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Well, SMS are not free here in Europe, but at least here in Spain, every single company offer to contract costumers a HUGE number of free SMS.
In those "bundles" you contract for X €/month, X hours of free calls/month, X free SMS/month and X Gb/month at max speed (they will never charge you if you reach the limit, only limit your bandwith). This plans are very popular here.
Me, to put an example, have 1000 SMS/month included in my plan. And it's one of the cheapest plans my company offers. You can expect more SMS if your plan is more expensive (I suppose, dunno), but to be honest, i never had the chance to spend 1000 SMS in a month. Non even 100. In my friends circle, you only use SMS if WhatsApp fails to deliver a message (pubs with bad internet network signal ) or punctual situations like that.
Adrian Filgueira, @hariainm

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The first thing I did was to get unlimited SMS. Its the easiest form of written communication besides email. Whatsapp is really for the poor.

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Originally Posted by Wikiwide View Post
I do not use GTalk because I dislike Google. I use Skype on desktop because I see no other alternative, and I use Skype-on-N900 very infrequently. I do not know what is WhatsApp.

I use SMS when I have to convey information by phone - and phone call when I need more personal approach. As in, phone calls are generally used within family, and SMS are used with outsiders.
Hmm. For me, SMS is to deliver information. Phone call or IM is when you desperately need an immediate feedback. The former (i.e. the need to deliver information) is much more common. About 100:1, I would say.

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I believe I recently read that SMS have recently just been outnumbered by instant messages (lost the link), not sure if this was for France only or for a broader region... At least number of SMS have only recently decreased but remain very important (still more than 210 sms per person per month in France)

SMS are now unlimited (or cap at hundreds per month) for lot of people in France, which is normal as there is no cost attached to it. What is costly is data.
So even if SMS are losing leadership, it is not yet dead. And hopefully, because I much prefer using this than participating in the game of: "are you in BBM, whatsapp, viber, facebook, gtalk..." and then changing apps to talk to different people... Then there is still emails for what I cannot with SMS. Not saying that they are not useful (I do send sometimes messages via Skype or Gtalk) but the use case for me is much more limited...

Jolla will probably do their best to integrate all they can for marketing but this is not the core for me...

edit: typo

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Jolla ltd. Edition + T-Shirt option is apparently sold out.



In order to prioritize the higher demand for 100€ orders, we are closing the 40€ option. Those who have placed the 40€ orders will get them!

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That's fantastic news.

How we must apply the pressure to get a QWERTY keyboard.

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Looking forward and of course I pre-ordered, too



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