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In one of those all-too-familiar internet detours, I found myself reading a page on the evolution of various tech companies' logos at Neatorama. Above is the Nokia logo circa 1865. Here (in its entirety and without prior permission) is the section on Nokia.In 1865, Knut Fredrik Idestam established a wood-pulp mill in Tampere, south-western Finland. It took on the name Nokia after moving the mill to the banks of the Nokianvirta river in the town of Nokia. The word "Nokia" in Finnish, by the way, means a dark, furry animal we now call the Pine Marten weasel. The modern company we know as the Nokia Corporation was actually a merger between Finnish Rubber Works (which also used a Nokia brand), the Nokia Wood Mill, and the Finnish Cable Works in 1967. Before focusing on telecommunications and cell phones, Nokia produced paper products, bicycle and car tires, shoes, television, electricity generators, and so on.I like the fish! Neatorama cites as its source, where I found this additional info: "In addition to footwear and tyres, Nokia Rubber Works also manufactured rubber bands, industrial parts and raincoats." From rubber bands to internet tablets. Well, that led to this:The Finnish Rubber Works is founded in 1898 and in 1904 a factory was set up in the town of Nokia. In 1925 bicycle tyre production starts and in 1932 car tyre production. ... Today Nokian Tyres is the largest tyre manufacturer in the Nordic countries and a profitable company in its industry. Nokian Tyres develops and manufactures summer and winter tyres for cars and tyres for a range of heavy machinery.Heck, I can't resist. Here's the captivating Nokia tyre ad (click to get the full Monty) and one of the old logos: (tyre ad from history of Nokia page)
Read the full article.
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Little correction, the "Fish logo" used in article is from 1966, not from circa 1865 (

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