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Originally Posted by GeneralAntilles View Post
No, the anger is entirely directed at an incredibly ignorant point of view and has nothing to do with politics.
OK I see your comment gets support from vbrilon so that's fine. I'm wrong about this then. At any rate, I reiterate what I said. To some extent America needs to work with the world more and , sounds simplistic I know, relearn the art of getting along. That's just my view, your miliage may vary. Politics is about people and getting along.

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I'm watching this right now

Fantastic work Thoughfix.

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crap, this thread just became another flame war
i liked the video, though i'm personaly a little angry at the cat
but i digress, it's not it's fault that thoughtfix hasnt taught it how to use the computer, =P
i think quim did a good job, and it was pretty good, i think time felt a little limited at the end, though the middle was a little empty, i wish more people had joined in, especially the "noobs" as they have some of the best "average consumer" and people who dont program well complaints, though, um josh i think it was, did express some things along those lines, i would have liked to see just, i guess something more vaired
oh well
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Originally Posted by sungrove View Post
Politics is about people and getting along.
You might say that. I'd word it differently:
Politics is the art of coercion without skill at arms.
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All right, here is a few questions to Nokia employees in this thread:

Are there any in-house effors to make use of the PowerVR hardware in the OMAP2 chips used in N800/N810? Maybe a limited OpenGL implementation?

If not, is it possible for Nokia to disclose at least some details of the PowerVR architecture? Also, is it possible to disclose low-level specifics of the TI GPS5300 chip inside N810 so that people could play with it and possibly make GPS more reliable?

If not, will Nokia be willing to disclose these details to someone who signs an NDA?
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BTW, were any of the questions in this thread >> asked or answered in the interview?

I tried to follow along with the recording but could only invest about 20 minutes of time...
Good show Daniel. I'm sorry I missed it live.

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