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I propose a new text-to-peech module on N900, which I think is good.

I recompiled the svox packages of the Debian distribution:

having failed to send the packet on maemo Garage:

I put the .deb (Compatible Thumb) on

Installed the packages in the following order:

1 -

2 -

3 -

4 -

In the terminal, do :

$ Pico2wave -l -w test.wav en-US \"Hello world !! \"
I also created a script to translate text into voice so ilimité, the only constraint is the disk space .
and it's very easy to use, you have just to :
- On a text file
- Or text copied to the clipboard directly

how to use my script:

- Uploaded my script on

- Unzip it into a directory of your choice.

- Select your text or ctrl-a on a web page and then ctrl-c to copy.

- In the terminal:
$ ./
It creates the following files articleX.wav good listener.

PS: notice to the developer, the SVOX honest packages SDK lingware we can go much further.
Improving translations of votes. Enabled support for multiple voices, etc.
Fan N900 !!
My primary phone is the N900.

SVOX project N900

If you appreciate my work donated, thanks.

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