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Originally Posted by Jayayess1190 View Post
If Nokia added a Centrino Atom processor to the N810, and dropped the price, I would trade up from my N800 in an instant. Two problems taken care of with one upgrade, battery life and performance!
meh, cortex A8 (later A9) all the way

what the wattage of the atom at full effect, and whats the same for the cortex ones again?
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TexRat, you want something to test? How about this.

1. Association speed. How long does it take to connect to a WiMax link?

2. Signal strength. How well does it work indoors? How about outdoors with big buildings and signal reflections?

3. Seamless handoffs, both slow (walking) and fast (driving at highway speeds). Do media streams drop or stutter? Please let someone else drive while you test. :-)

4. Battery time with WiMax and GPS active at the same time.

5. CPU usage with a WiMax connection established.

That is all I can think of for now. Standard wireless test stuff.


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