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Originally Posted by TTgowings View Post
...but would this not be somewhat redundant with that other annoucement what a week or so ago the "no bounds" project ?
Nobounds is video out from tablets & smartphones to TVs and other displays. HAVA is video in to tablets & smartphones from remote SD & HD sources.

Or am I missing something?

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No, you got it right.
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Ok, my bad (I misunderstood) thx for the explanation.
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Just a quick note on the video footage in the HAVA preview and how to make it a better experience for us (slathering with envy) end-users:
1) Mount the device so it's not moving all over the place.
2) Lock-focus (turn off auto-focus) the video camera lens.
3) Use the video cam's zoom (now that you have a free hand) to zoom on specific elements on the device.

Love the video preview. Very excited about adding a HAVA unit to my home satellite rig and my Mac Mini HTPC (w/ XBMC-for-OSX frontend).


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Awesome I use my hava all the time! I would love to use it with my n800. When is this going to be released? Can I get in the beta?
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Yes any word on when the software will be out in beta or otherwise? Very interested in this product if it can support the N800. I'd buy either this or a Slingbox today if it had N800 support.

Also anyone know if Hava have a Canadian reseller?
Also any general comments on the Hava in general in terms of quality and features compared to Slingbox?
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The Monsoon Multimedia guys should probably give a formal answer, but at CTIA they were saying that they'd like to have this launched in the next 60 days or so -- so maybe end of June at the latest I'd guess
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